From our own herd in Oakhanger and other English fleeces we aim to produce the highest quality textiles. We use 100% Alpaca with no other fibres or wools blended. Pure silk and other natural fibres are used as complimentary yarns on occasions.

Because of the vast natural colour range of the Alpaca from white to the darkest brown, blue grey to midnight black, we work mainly with natural colours. To produce other colours we hand dye with natural materials. No bleaches or chemical dyes are used.

Not only do we make a range of classically designed knitwear, we also create original and exclusive designs. Special order and commissions are undertaken.

We hand spin as many fleeces as possible. But the bulk of our fleeces are sent to The Natural Fibre Company who produce some lovely yarns for us.

Prices range from boxed Corsage’s at £10, jumpers and cardigans from £65, throws from £95 to £180 and coats up to £210. We also make hats, gloves, cushions, belts, in fact just about anything!